​​​Invest in your health and well being by receiving personal training guaranteed to make you healthier and more fit!  Once you make your fitness priority #1 everything else in your life will fall into place.  

Finding a highly qualified personal trainer in San Francisco is not that easy, but you just did.  Personal training is just that: personal.  As your San Francisco personal trainer, I will customize your workout program toward your specific goals and needs.  Your workouts will be fresh and fun every time - eliminating the boring routine that can set in and decrease your motivation to work out.  As your personal trainer, I will work with you to-improve muscle tone by reducing unwanted body fat, correct muscular imbalances, increase your cardiovascular endurance and increase your body’s lean muscle mass; all of which will increase your metabolism.  

Personal Training in San Francisco - Made Fun!
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American Council on Exercise 
  Certified Personal Trainer / Orthopedic Exercise Specialist 
National Academy of Sports Medicine 
  Certified Personal Trainer / Correction Exercise Specialist / Fitness Nutrition Specialist
American Safety & Health Institute - AED/CPR

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Todd is a top ​​San Francisco Personal Trainer

​Todd as your personal trainer for weight loss, health and fitness - success is yours.

​In order for you to achieve your goals, you need to work out at lest 3 days a week.  I will give you work outs to do on the days we are not together.  

​Our lifes are very busy, don't let your fitness suffer as a result.  Make the time for your fitness!  We have no choice in getting older, it is compleltly our choice to be older and not fit!...

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